M.A.C Sash Weights specialise in Lead Weights for Sash Windows.
We have our own in house built molds for producing the best lead weights in a variety of sizes for casting our weights at our factory.

We deliver all over London and surrounding areas in our own vehicles, and use Madex courier service for locations further afield.

For a delivery quote please provide you postcode and weights requirements via our enquiry form.





 Product Description

Square section sash weights in 45x45mm and a full uncut length of 1100mm and a full uncut weight of 50lb/22.72kg.
We also produce slim line weights in a 35x45mm section in a full uncut length of 1100mm and a full uncut weight of 38lb/17.23kg which are great for jobs where there are restrictions to the size of weight you can use, for slim sashes and bay windows for example. 
Both sections have a 10.5mm hole that runs continuously through the length.
All sections can be cut to specific sizes using wood type hand saw or for best results a carpentry chop saw with an aluminium cutting blade.

Round section Add Weights which are 1 lb each. These can be stacked up on top of each other or on top of an existing weight to add weight.


Please note that the following tolerances apply: +/- 3% on Section +/- 3% on Weight +/- 3% on Length


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