• Central 11mm hole through the length.
  • 1100mm standard uncut length.
  • Cutting service.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Fast UK delivery.
  • 5% dimension and weight manufacturing tollerance.

*Lead sash weights are the traditional and most reliable method used to counterbalance sash windows due to the density of material, which keeps the length of the weight minimal which ensures complete travel of the sashes while avoiding bottoming out (weight hitting the bottom when opening/closing the sash resulting in restricted travel).

*We are able to supply a range of different profiles from round to square and even oblong (excellent for sashes with a slim thickness, especially when double glazed), and lengths from 600mm to 1200mm ready for cutting to your required length and weight.
All of our lead sash weights come with a centred 11mm hole all the way through the middle for easy cord attachment, simply cut to required length, feed the cord through and tie a double knot on the end to secure the weight.

*We can also offer a cutting service to you to save you the time and negate any waste or mistakes.


*Square section sash weights in standard length of 1200mm.
*An 11mm hole runs continuously throughout the length.
*All sections can be cut using a standard chop saw (ppe recommended) or even with a wood saw if needed.
*Cutting service available to save you the job.